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About Us

About Mapi Tour Peru, we are a travel agency legally established in the city of Cusco, and managed by 100% local expert guides. Our services are committed to providing memorable private tours within our fabulous country.

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Mapi Tour Peru has been a leading tourism company since 2010. Our scope is national, with everything from day tours to multi-day outdoor adventure activities. We offer exclusive luxury vacation packages in Peru. Our company’s distinguishing feature is offering guided tours for small, intimate groups, capped at 8 participants or even less. Our focus on small group tours makes us a unique, exclusive travel agency in our region.

Peru Luxury Private Tours

Our vacation packages, excursions, and treks are fully customized, per your personal interests and time frames at competitive rates. If you prefer a program that is tailored to your personal interests and speed, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to prepare a tailor-made package just for you.


The staff of Mapi Tour Peru is highly trained, with studies in business administration and tourism, qualified to do their work efficiently and help you with any inquiries during your booking process. Our skilled personnel have a passionate interest in their work and are experts at turning the “impossible” into the “possible” to create your dream trip to Peru.


Most of our licensed tour guides are highly trained in workshops organized by the company in order to provide quality service to our customers. They know how to deal with difficult situations such as altitude symptoms, accidents, etc. They are prepared to answer your questions during our treks and tours, as well as manage their groups with a high-level of English.


Our experienced cooks know how to prepare delicious, healthy meals during our treks and excursions, always maintaining hygienic conditions. They learned how to combine ingredients to make enjoyable, sustaining meals during intensive training workshops. They know that after long-distance treks, their passengers are ravenous, need to eat filling meals and to drink lots of water. That is why they prepare plenty of food, mainly made from local products such as quinoa, potatoes and alpaca meat.


We treat our porters with the respect they deserve for their hard work. Our porters mainly come from impoverished villages and are men looking to make some income for their families. We support all porters who work for us by providing them a good salary and a complete uniform. In addition, we arrange campaigns for social projects in the communities they live. We serve hot chocolate and give gifts to their children at Christmas and important holidays. This initiative is very important for our company because thanks to our porters, we can continue our work as a travel agency. The porters can help their families by working for us, and thus reduce the rural unemployment rate in our country.


David Guzman Flores (24 hours availability): (English, Spanish and Quechua spoken) – mapitourperu@hotmail.com-info@mapitourperu.com (+51 984714180) (51 997785999)