Maras Moray Chinchero Tour

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Maras Moray Chinchero Private Tour

The Maras Moray and Chinchero half-day tour takes you to the agricultural laboratory of the Incas and the salt mines of Maras. We will take a private van from Cusco, passing the Andean villages and enjoying the green, yellow barley fields. This journey also includes spectacular views of the Sacred Valley mountain range and beautiful lakes.

On arrival, we start the guided tour of Moray, the ancient Inca agricultural laboratory. Here the Incas expertly domesticated and acclimated plants to different microclimates. After visiting Moray, we head towards the shining salt mines (Salineras) of Maras, where a natural spring fills approximately 4,000 salt pans for collecting salt.

Pickup location: Hotel in Cusco or Urubamba.
Drop off location: Cusco Hotel or Urubamba.